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How to submit an abstract

Number of characters and images

Abstracts should not exceed 3,000 characters, including bibliographical references and spaces (excluding author names and title). There will be no scope for a greater number of characters. Acceptance is only possible if the limit of 3,000 characters is not exceeded. Charts and graphics can be uploaded in .png or .jpg formats. No more than two graphics per abstract may be submitted, each of which may not exceed storage space of 2 MB.

Acception of abstract

After the evaluation by the scientific committee, all abstract submitters will be automatically informed about the acceptance or refusal of the abstract. In case of acceptance, you will also receive note about the presentation form (lecture or poster) and time of the presentation. 
Please forward this notification to the presenting author if necessary.


The presenting author must be a registered participant. Please note that the presenting author is not automatically registered by submitting an abstract. Regular registration is obligatory and binding and implies payment of the registration fee. 

Step-by-step to your abstract submission

  1. Please create your own account under "Author sign up". You will then receive an Email  containing your access key. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive an Email within 60 minutes and contact us at abstract@conventus.de.
  2. Please login with your access key and your email. Click "Abstract Submission" and follow the indicated steps.
  3. After your successful abstract submission you will receive an email confirmation. Please also check your spam folder here.
  4. You may login at any time to submit more abstracts or to make changes to abstracts already submitted until the abstract deadline expires.

In case of any questions please contact:

Stefan Regge

Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH
Carl-Pulfrich-Straße 1 • 07745 Jena (Germany)